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$3000.00 (Australian Dollars) Negotiable.

All offers shall be considered.

2-rail, Peco code 100, Insulfrog points. Minimum radius approx. 24 inches. (No problems running Auscision VFX/ABFX Louvered Vans and GOX/AOOX gondolas).

Suitable for direct current (DC) or digital command control (DCC).

No controllers, etc, are included in the sale.

* No buildings;

* No trees;

* No rollingstock or model cars.

All tunnels, bridges, track ballast, grasses, roads, paths, etc. are included.

Ready for you to adapt to your prototype (Regional Australian, American, British, European, etc).

* Track is in reasonably good condition although some turnouts may need attention or replacement. Bring along some rolling stock if you wish to test.

* Scenery offered is by and large in good condition but may need to be modified to suit your prototype.

No warranties or guarantees apply to this sale! Please adequately test components to your satisfaction before making an offer.

* As a guide, removal shall be within 14 days of payment. This term is negotiable at time of purchase.

* Layout can be dismantled into four (4) main parts that shall require a large trailer or a truck to remove..