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Prototype Information

This page provides links to websites dealing with Australian and relevant international railways. It is included as a starting point for those wishing to research prototype information as a basis for modelling their railway.

Please note!

The following listings include websites that members have found helpful with various aspects of their modelling. Please advise the webmaster at meetings (members) or via email if problems are encountered, or if you feel that any additions or changes are warranted. Thanks.

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Prototype pages

The following pages relate to information about prototype railways. We have attempted to present these (loosely) in "order of relevance" to members, i.e., South Australian/Commonwealth/AN; broad-gauge; Australian, etc.

ComRails: Chris's Commonwealth Railways Pages (SAR, CR, ANR, AN)

This site is where you will find various bits of information about the Commonwealth Railways, Australian National Railways, Great Southern Railways and the South Australian Railways.

Johnny's Pages Old S.A.R. Shunter's Memories

An active page showing many photographs (taken by Johnny and others) of South Australian rollingstock, infrastructure and track diagrams dating back to the 1940s ... and while you're there, why not "smell the roses"!

Peninsular Pioneer

Dedicated to the history of the railway on Eyre Peninsula (South Australia).


SAR History A brief history of the South Australian Railways (with links).

South Australian Railway History

A dated site with a brief history of the South Australian Railways, but worth the read.


Mark Bau's VR Website

A comprehensive site that focusses on the Victorian Railways. It includes photographs and signalling diagrams (yard track plans).


Peter J. Vincent's Website

An excellent reference site for Victorian rolling stock, with many photographs and an excellent search engine. Often over the years, VR rolling stock was not only seen on the broad gauge in South Australia, but actually sold to the SAR (for example, tank wagons, the 750 class steam locomotives were originally VR 'N' class locomotives that were surplus to VR requirements at the time) as were the CK class diesel locomotives of the ANR, which were originally VR 'T' class locomotives. You can use this site to explore what came across the border, and when it came across.

Rob O'Regan's Website

Another excellent reference site. Mainly focussing on VR, but to a lesser extent NSWGR, SAR, WAGR and CR.

Rollingstock News

An A1 reference site featuring current Australian rolling stock photos and facts. A useful aid for those modelling today's railways.

Western Victoria Railfan Site

Great pictorial site with pictures of train movements on the Victorian western line (the continuation of the South Australian southern line).

VICSIG Links Page

The Victorian Railways special interest group's index page. Also, take a look at their homepage for more information on current railway activity in Victoria.

Wongm's Rail Gallery

Marcus Wong's many and varied photographs of trains and railway infrastructure, trams and buses from around Victoria, features modern day record of locomotives and rollingstock.


Comprehensive pictorial collection of railways in Australia since privatisation.

Andrew's Main South Line

A blog that deals with the Adelaide to Melbourne main railway line, both in prototype and to modelling Horsham.

History of Rail in Australia

A Historical site of the Australian Government that also examines rail safety and developments in the rail industry.

American Steam Locomotives

A US site devoted to North American steam locomotives. Has helpful information pages including an extensive listing of steam locomotive types (by wheel arrangement) and an Australian Steam Locomotives section.