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This page provides links to the websites of suppliers of modelling resources to the public in general, and to railway modellers in particular.

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The following listings include websites that members have found helpful with various aspects of their modelling. Please advise the webmaster at meetings (members) or via email if problems are encountered, or if you feel that any additions or changes are warranted. Thanks.

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Supplier pages

The following pages relate to information about commercial suppliers of related materials, equipment, tools, and model trains. We have attempted to present these (very loosely in some instances) in "order of relevance" to members, i.e., South Australian, Australian, British, US, European and Asian suppliers.

Trade pages Adelaide Area:

Adelaide Moulding and Casting Supplies

Provide an excellent range of materials and equipment for modellers who wish to create castings of their own masters (rolling stock bodies, structures, detail parts, etc).

End of the Line Hobbies

A very proactive supplier of South Australian, Commonwealth & Victorian Railways models, with an excellent inventory of kits and parts.

Orient Express

Great service, knowledgeable staff and a fine range of Australian, European, British and US models, and great stocks of scenic, structural & detail products for model railways - all scales.  Also on facebook.

Junction Models

One of Adelaide‚Äôs premier Model Railway Specialists for over 20 years.  Well worth a visit if you are in the northern suburbs.  Also on facebook.

Trade pages Australia Wide:

Auscision Models

The supplier of an excellent range of Australian prototype locomotives and rollingstock and spare parts, with a current range that includes many  standard and broad gauge) prototypes.  Their associated Australian Modeller outlet carries a complete range of Auscision's models plus a wide range of other modelling products.



Austrains have sold all of their existing tooling to SDS Models who will continue updating and manufacturing their range of locomotives, coaches and wagons. Austrains will continue manufacturing in a smaller way to complete outstanding projects. They have a quantity of stock to clear so plan to appear at exhibitions, though perhaps not at the AMRE exhibition in Adelaide. Their arrangment with SDS Models is to transfer ownership of the tooling for as yet unreleased models to SDS once the first run of models is complete. Austrains request that all enquiries relating to Austrains branded products be addressed to Austrains, not SDS Models.  Apart from a range of models that has come to be respected as the standard for HO models of Australian prototype, the Austrains site has links to intructions on converting the VR / V/Line "C" Class model to DCC.  (The prototype C Class began hauling the "Jet" freight trains from Melbourne to Adelaide during the 1980s).


Casula Hobbies

Mainly focusses on NSW prototype, but also has a good range of paints and rollingstock detailing items (including coupler pocket converters for installing Kadee couplers on Austrains, etc. diesels). They provide prompt and friendly service.

This site sells actual sound files recorded from Clyde-GM and Goodwin Alco locomotives as well as railcars and vans. Their range is extensive and (amongst many others) includes 600, 700, 830, 930, AN, BL, CL, CLF/CLP, DL, GM and NR class locomotives. Mike and Phil have produced some sensational sounds from live recordings  (have a listen to the samples on the website ... sweeet, mmm!).

Gwydir Valley Models

Have a great range of model railway "hardware" items (such as FastTracks turnout templates) and electrical gear (such as micro LEDs - as in very small sizes).

Hobby Tools Australia

n Australian supplier (based in Melbourne) of modellers and hobbyists tools, similar to Micromark in the US. They seem to have an impressive range of products, and have the added advantages of cheaper freight and electrical tools fitted for use in Australia (240v).

Hobbies Plus

A Gippsland, Victoria model shop that supplies a range of Australian backdrops, plus O Scale Derm railcar (VR).

Model Railroad Craftsman

A major Australian supplier of NCE DCC equipment, a wide range of DCC decoders and detailing parts.

OnTrack Models

Suppliers of a really sweet range of NSW prototype rolling stock, some of which are (or have been) seen regularly in South Australia.

Powerline Australian Model Railways

Long a force on the Australian prototype scene, Powerline are currently upgrading many of their models, and releasing new locomotives and rollingstock models.

Bob's Models & Hobbies

(Formerly Tom's Hobbies) Importers and marketers of the Trainorama and Structorama lines.

Train World

Stock a very extensive range of models in many scales, and are open 7 days a week, 360 days a year.

Metro Hobbies

Formerly Victorian Hobby Centre - Offer some good specials from time to time.  Worth checking out occasionally.

Trade pages International:

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